Hello, I'm Dani Brinkerhoff.


I've always loved competing and coaching, but I struggled to watch athletes under-perform and fail to reach their potential.

Everything changed when I realized that simple tools could be taught off the court that would produce incredible results on and off the court, helping athletes succeed in every area of their life.

My Story


From volleyball to basketball, softball, and even flag football, I played every sport I could as a teenager.

I lived the roller coaster of high highs and low lows when it came to performance. I felt like I had to carry the heaviest load for my team to succeed. I thought I had to be hard on myself in order to improve.

That was until I had a mentor who gave me a book and inspired me to not only read it, but apply the things I learned.

Then everything changed. I stopped expecting perfection. I became a team player. I played at a high level more consistently. I led from my heart.

However, it wasn't until after my college career ended and I fell in love with coaching that I have been able to really see what separates good athletes from the great ones.

It is their mindset.

Anyone can learn these tools and apply them.

The question is, will you?


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