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When your plate is too full

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How many things are you currently juggling?

Being a student-athlete requires a lot. 

Attending class, going to practice, doing homework, being with friends, and family obligations are just a few of the commitments you might have.

So, it is pretty easy to see how you might feel overwhelmed or like you have too much going on. 

Feeling overloaded can be paralyzing and exhausting!

What do you do when you feel overloaded? 

Some of you do things that don't really matter just to feel productive.

Others of you might scroll on social media to distract yourself from the things you have to do.

Most of you spend a lot of mental energy just thinking of all the things, and worry about not getting it all done.

Just like any other painful emotion, overloaded has a message for you!

The message is that you are trying to do too much in too short of a period of time while expecting perfection.

Getting out of feeling overloaded is actually quite simple.

First, get everything out of your head. Make a list. Put everything that is weighing on your mind on to paper.

Second, prioritize the list. What things are not necessary or urgent? What must be done no matter what? Decide what is a priority.

Third, take action. Do something with the first thing on your list. If you have a homework assignment that is due, start working on it. If you need to read a chapter, start by reading one page. Just get started!

If everything is a priority, then nothing is. That is where overwhelm can be a sneaky trap and keep you stuck! You are never very productive when stuck in overwhelm.

However, overwhelm can be useful because it is just a signal telling us we need to make some decisions! Notice the signal, and get to work. 

Remember that indecision IS a decision.

Decisions shape your destiny, so know what you want and prioritize what you want to do based on the outcome you want to create.

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