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Love & Warmth

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"Where there is love, there is life." - Gandhi

The most powerful emotion is love.

Pure love is unconditional.

That means, loving without conditions or expectations.

This love is always available. Feeling love is also one of our basic human needs.

Without love, babies will die. This need doesn't go away just because we grow older.

Did you know you can actually make love one of your default emotions that you experience every single day?

You can. It is really quite simple! 

First, you must DECIDE you want to feel love. 

Second, you must ASK yourself intentional questions to create this feeling.

Finally, you must ACT. What can you DO to express this feeling?

You feel love when you give it, not when you receive it.

Giving love to yourself can be one of the best habits you ever create!

Planting and cultivating this emotion every day will allow the roots to grow bigger and deeper, which will allow you to feel it more often on default.

How can you plant the seeds of love and warmth in your heart today?

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