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Loney & Alone

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Think about a time you felt alone or lonely.

 Unfortunately, you might feel lonely much more often than you want to.

When you feel lonely, it can be quite scary because as humans we NEED to feel love and connection.

We can see this in babies. If babies don't feel love - primarily through human touch - they die. This need never goes away.

This is important to remember when we feel lonely, because this emotion is just a messenger. It is telling you that you really care about people and want to feel loved - which is a great thing!

Your humanness is one of best things about you. Nothing is more human than FEELING emotions.

Lonely is just an emotion. It is normal to feel alone. Misunderstood. Friendless.

This feeling is also TEMPORARY. It will not last forever. 

It doesn't seem like that whenever you feel lonely though! Think of all the things you do to try to avoid feeling lonely or separated from others. 

You say things you don't mean.
You do things to fit in you wouldn't do otherwise.
You pretend you aren't hurt when you are.
You act differently in your friendships.
You date people that aren't good for you.
You seek attention in unhealthy ways.
You try to get people you don't even like to like you.

All because you don't want to feel lonely.

The funny thing is, all of these things still leave you feeling lonely.

Because they aren't the real you. Even if you fit in, it isn't really you they are accepting. It is a pretend version of you. 

What if you just allowed yourself to feel lonely? To instead try to understand why you feel lonely?

As you practice this, you will be able to identify what kind of connection you are wanting with other humans.

You are capable of creating love and connection.

You feel love when you GIVE IT, rather than receive it.

Giving love to yourself will always feel the best.

Need to hear some encouraging words? Say them to yourself.
Want to feel included? Include yourself.
Didn't get invited? Invite yourself!

Try it.

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