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Befriending the Bench

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Do you think the bench is your friend?

How do you feel about the bench?

Is it a punishment? A jail sentence? Unfair?

Or, is it an OPPORTUNITY?

Many of you think that being on the bench is a problem. It is a problem because you think you can't get better by being on the bench. Or that you aren't really a part of the team. Or that you should be playing because you are better than someone who is playing.

You view the bench as a place where you are missing out. Unable to help your team or help yourself.

This way of thinking is so painful!!

Chances are, this pain is coming from a form of feeling inadequate. Not good enough. Inferior. 

When you feel inadequate, your brain wants to dismiss this painful feeling by finding justification. Namely, by deciding something or someone out of your control is to blame. 

Coach has favorites. You never get a fair chance. Nothing you do will matter.

However, painful emotions are simply messengers!

Inadequacy is trying to tell you that you need to DO something to get better in a particular area.

Sometimes, the area you need to get better in is in choosing your perspective!

Can you really not get better on the bench?

Some of the greatest athletes of all time (Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, etc.) had a break through season after being sidelined. 

The question isn't can you get better on the bench, but will you?

Other times, you might actually need to improve your physical skills! This isn't a problem, it just means you need to get prepared.

Make a plan. Practice more. Get better!

Feeling inadequate can be extremely useful in your growth if you let it fuel you, instead of shifting responsibility to someone else.

No matter what, you can always make a difference.

You are always in control.

Everything is happening for you. 

Find the message, and decide what you want to do!

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