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Feeling Stuck?

"You're not held back by what you don't HAVE, but by what you don't USE." - Bob Goff
Think about a time you felt truly STUCK.
A time when you felt like no matter what you did, you just kept spinning your wheels. No progress.
A common frustration is not having the role you want.
Coming off the bench as a non-starter can be HARD.
Especially if you believe that you are just as good if not better than the person who has the starting position.
Have you experienced this?
You try everything you can think of - working harder, getting extra reps, talking to your coach, extra workouts - and none of it works. You still don't start.
Even if you do play and have a great game, you find yourself on the bench...AGAIN.
It seems that nothing you do really matters or makes a difference. It seems out of your control.
This is FRUSTRATION. After you feel frustrated, it often leads to CONFUSION.
"Why am I not playing? Why doesn't coach like me? I don't understand. It doesn't make sense."
When this happens, frustration starts to USE YOU instead of YOU USING the frustration.
Did you see how BLAME tried to sneak into that confusion?
If it is the coach's fault, or your teammates, or your (insert height, size, personality, etc.) then you are powerless in the situation.
Feeling powerless is not a pleasant place to be.
But it doesn't have to be like this!
Frustration always comes before achievement.
It is a significant piece of the success puzzle!
Frustration is simply an emotion that has a message for you.
The message is: you will not get what you want by what you are doing now.
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is called (say it with me) INSANITY.
Frustration is just trying to let you know that what you're doing, thinking, or believing isn't working. You must change your APPROACH or change your EXPECTATION.
See how helpful that is?
Think about it. If you weren't frustrated, would you make a change?
If you were content with your role as a bench player, would you do anything different?
Probably not.
Frustration is a great thing! It shows you that you have goals and expectations that are not being met.
The most important thing to remember is that YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL.
Don't give anyone else your power.
You have a decision to make. How flexible can you be? How long are you willing to keep trying? What haven't you tried?
Treat your situation like a science experiment.
Break it down. Focus on the FACTS. Get some PERSPECTIVE.
You are NOT powerless.
Everything is happening for you. If you don't have the role you want, there is a reason.
God's DELAY'S are not God's DENIALS.
Having a starting position would not make all your problems go away.
There would be other frustrations.
Use those emotions to help you get what you want. To find the truth.
Hear the message, and DECIDE what you want to do!
Decisions shape your destiny, and your ability to CHOOSE is always where you true power lies.

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