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Empowering beliefs

"Just one empowering belief can completely change the quality and direction of your life."

Mateo Tabatabai

Beliefs affect everything you say and do, and ultimately how you feel.

Empowering beliefs are not a problem.

Unless you don’t have enough of them!

How do you find empowering beliefs?

Notice what you are focusing on when you feel in control of yourself.

You probably already have some empowering beliefs running in the background.

Ultimately, you get to decide what you want to believe so you truly can create any belief you want to have that feels empowering.

The catch is it has to be believable. If your mind doesn’t really believe it, then it will reinforce the opposite of that thought, which will most likely become a limiting belief.

One great way to find some empowering beliefs is to borrow ones you find from reading the work of your role models.

Another way is to find quotes you resonate with.

"The most powerful words in the universe are the ones you say to yourself."

Karen Salmansohn

Thoughts such as:

“The more mistakes I make, the faster I learn.”
“What other people think of me is none of my business.”
“I am made for growth and connection.”

Beliefs are learned through constant reinforcement.

You must prime your mind to be open and accepting of new beliefs.

Start by gathering evidence for how the belief could be true.

Your mind is programmed to give you answers. You just need to ask the right questions.

Another method is proving how the opposite of the belief is not true.

How could not making mistakes be slowing your progress?
Do you ever really know what anyone is thinking?
Can you notice how the only things on this earth that aren’t growing are dying?

Decide what you want to believe, and go to work finding evidence for your empowering belief.

Show your mind all the ways your limiting belief isn’t actually true.

Practice constant reinforcement.

Design your beliefs on purpose. Live life on your own terms.

Progress is the key to happiness.

It can all start with just one empowering belief.

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