When it's time to shine under the bright lights, you want to be ready.

Don't let self-doubt be your downfall.

Create the confidence you need to succeed.



No matter your challenge, we have tools to help you succeed.

Create Confidence

Are you tired of under-performing? Not sure how you can be so confident one moment, while drowning in doubt the next? We can change that!

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On Demand

It couldn't be easier. Access all of your training anytime, anywhere. Our content is delivered on an app so all you need is your smart phone!

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Dream Team

The hardest journey is one you do ALONE. Surround yourself with other athletes like you who are striving to be their best every day! 

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Who's your coach?


Hi, I'm Dani, and I've been coaching athletes of all levels for the last 10 years. As a competitive athlete, I wish I would have had this program in high school! These tools will change your life.

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Don't have a high performance coach yet?  

Let's change that.  

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These tools are not taught in school. You have to learn them. Discover the secret to high performance. 

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The magic happens when you apply these tools in your life. We give you the step-by-step plan that will get you results.

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Repetition makes change inevitable. Soar to new heights when you step out of the shadows and into the real you!

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What can you expect from the

high performance membership?

Brink My Brain is all about helping you perform at the highest level -- consistently.

To do this, we focus on three things:

Mind Mastery

Your brain is the most powerful tool on the planet. Learn how to make it work for you instead of against you.


The quality of your life is determined by how you feel! Emotions are a powerful force you can control.

Authentic Self

What humans fear most is simply being yourself. Learn to be fearlessly authentic and discover your true power. 



Our most popular plan

  • Simple to apply video trainings
  • Easy to access app
  • Application tools & work sheets
  • Book clubs just for athletes
  • New content monthly
  • Private coaching
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Membership means unlimited access


You get everything we have to help you take your game to the next level, as well as new concepts and content that is released every month. Invest in your future. The time to prepare is NOW. Unlock the confidence you need to crush every goal and live your best life!

Ryanne D.

"I have learned the true meaning of confidence. This program really helped me deal with things I never thought I could. Everyone needs to take this course!"

Rachel N.

"My day to day life has completely changed since I started working with Dani. Dani has been a major force for good in my self-image, relationships, and health. Everyone needs a coach like Dani!"

Kendall S.

"I have learned a lot about myself and my feelings! I cannot wait to keep exploring my mindset and put the new tools I have learned to work!."

Kylan S.

"My mentality has been a struggle for me as a teenager. This program has changed that! I have found my secret weapon to change everything to greatness is my mind!"

Charity W.

"Dani is such an amazing coach and I really enjoyed my sessions! It is so interesting to learn about how the brain works and how we can improve our lives with that knowledge. Thank you Dani!"

Alexa S.

"There are times when your emotions get the best of you and having some guidance and support can really make a difference. I have learned new ways to control my emotions!"

Are you ready to

find your edge? 


Confidence is not something you are born with. Becoming a high performing athlete consistently is a skill that must be learned. Your secret weapon is something you already have . . . your mind.

Are you willing to train your mind?
Control your emotions?
Discover your true self?

You are worth it.
Your future is waiting.
Become the best you can be.

I'm Ready!

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